Kim Lab:
Food Nanotechnology


Welcome to Food Nanotechnology Lab, Kyung Hee University. Our interests span a range of topics that are related with the Nanobiotechnology and and its application to the Food Science and other biological research. It includes the development of nanomaterials for the advancement of food system and human health. We are working on a variety of problems related with the synthesis of biocompatible nanomaterials, integration of these materials with biological molecules, and confer them specific functions that can be deliverable to our body through food system. Upon scaling down the size of macroscopic materials into nano scale, the physical principles that determine the overall property of the system changes, and we are utilizing this phenomenon to develop an advanced food materials.



Amylosucrase-mediated synthesis

of amylose micro/nanoparticles

Encapsulation of CNT through self-assembly of amylose molecules

Impedimetric sensor platform

for the detection of pathogenic bacteria

Removal of virulence factors (capsule and pili) by homologous recombination

Elucidation of the mechanisms of membrane cytotoxicity

Nanopore technology for the

characterization of single molecules